Code Vamping

Integrate VirtualBox and PuTTY

Published on 2018-12-10

This is a simple Powershell script to automate starting and logging into a headless VBox VM using PuTTY. My main development environment is a VirtualBox VM running Arch Linux on top of a Windows 10 host. While I could work directly on the console, I like to have multiple windows up - one that has vim running and one that I use for things like running hugo server. So, I start the VM headless and connect to it with one or more PuTTY sessions....

The Tools

Published on 2018-09-18

I thought I would take a moment and document my current development environment. The main computer runs windows 10. However, the development computer is actually a VirtualBox ArchLinux client running on that Win 10 box. I use X11 Forwarding to display back to an cygwin/X server running on the host. I am currently using Codelite as my IDE, though it has some rough edges. GNU compiler suite rounds things out....