Code Vamping

Live on!

Published on 2018-11-21

Now officially live on the new blog at! The new site uses: Hugo - site building Jeffprod - theme Netlify - hosting Zapier - automated build for scheduled posts Google - as domain registrar. GitHub - for repostory hosting. I still have posts to migrate from the old site. That is a bit of pain, since it wasn’t originally written in Markdown. One tool that has been indispensible is Dillinger....

Day One

Published on 2018-09-13

So, I decide to join the blogging crowd. It remains to be seen if it sticks. Why? I’ve been doing some home-brew software development lately and found that there were some things I wanted to say and no place to say them. So here is that place. This won’t be all about software development. There will undoubtedly be some music-ish things thrown in. And things about music software and probably software music too....