Site Redesign

The site is a year old, so of course, a redesign is needed. New looks, New comments, and more.

Theme Change

The old theme was built on the Bulma framework. Bulma is quite versatile and that makes it very easy to put together some very nice websites. I found it quite nice to work with when I was putting together the original version of this blog.

However, some of the tweaks I wanted to do (reduce some of the margins) would have required me to download the SCSS sources and regenerate the framework after changing constants, etc. I wasn’t really looking forward to essentially maintaining my own version of the framework. If I had been making something with a few hundred pages for a corporate website, then absolutely it would have been a fine thing to do.

Looking at the themes on the Hugo Theme Showcase Website I came across the Hugo Minimalist Theme. This seemed to do what I wanted without using a framework.

So, the redesign was in flight.


The original design used Utterances which stored comments as issues in Github. This worked fine but required the commenter to be a member of github.

Now I’ve switched to Commentbox. This allows sign-in by various social media accounts.


I still need to change the favicon. The current horrid mess must go.

Current favicon

Anybody want to volunteer to create a new one?